You ‘LIT”! A McFierce Meditation

Title : You 'LIT
Release Date : January 24, 2017
Format : Digital Download


Hey World! I have mixed together some songs that REALLY speak to my soul for a long while. Some of the songs sound like they are talking about a ‘romantical’ love, or another person. But for me, they have become self-love ode’s and songs about something higher. Something magnetic. Something that we ALL have. Interpret however it suits you, of course. This is not meant to be a way for me to tell you how to think or feel at all. This is just me doing what I feel my duties are- to feed your soul as a DJ & entertainer. Music is vibration, and with the state of the world and our human race-I love to give your intake something that I hope will help you VIBE HIGHER. So turn this up, drop your fears, let your thoughts have a rest! Remember, happiness is NEVER further than your backyard. It is not in our job, someone else, material things, looks, etc. You are so worthy of love & abundance from yourself, as well as and blessings and what your heart desires because guess what? YOU Lit! (From within) 😉